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March of Lunan Cottages
Childhood home of Sheena Christie

Sheena Christie - About the Artist

BORN - 12TH APRIL 1945

BIRTH PLACE - Mill of Thornton Cottages, Marykirk, Kincardine, Scotland.

As her mother, Jean Christie, had often said "Ma wee Sheena was born wi' a paintbrush in her hand!" As a young child Sheena's flair for art was noticable and her family and many of her friends imagined she would one day work as an artist!

As a young adult and much to her own disappointment at the time, circumstances didn't allow her to attend the local art college, instead she had to take on full time work as an office clerkess. Despite this Sheena spent much of her spare time painting and drawing which was her favourite hobby.

Throughout the years that passed, never giving up her desire to paint, she discovered a variety of subject matter that appealed to her, including landscapes, seascapes, animal and human portraiture, studies in still life, religious works and local historical scenes.

After experimenting with different materials she developed a fondness for acrylics, the style Sheena developed in her painting was one that would prove to be very popular.

Over time, and due to an increasing demand for her work, Sheena began painting professionally in 1979. Today, she has now painted and sold no less than two thousand paintings, many of which complement the walls of buildings far away from her native Scotland.

Still painting strong, and publishing prints from her work, new originals are now available for purchase and can be viewed online here at her new website -

Arrat Farm

Last cut at Arrat
Arbirlot Bridge

Arbirlot Bridge
Lunan River

Lunan River

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Auchmithie, Watertower, Harbour, St. Vigeans, Auchmithie Fisherman, St. Thomas Street

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